Highlands jobs not for sale, hospital boss tells jobseekers


PEOPLE seeking work with the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority should wait for vacancies to be advertised rather than pay staff to try and secure them a job.
Acting chief executive David Vorst warned people not to pay any staff member who promised them a job.
Vorst said all vacancies would be advertised in the daily newspapers for all people to see and the successful applicants would be selected on merit rather than through bribery and corruption.
He was responding to reports that some staff members had
been telling jobseekers to pay them in exchange for jobs in the authority.
He said the practice was illegal and morally wrong and no one including the hospital staff were allowed to demand money from jobseekers applying for vacancies in the authority.
He urged jobseekers to report to the hospital manager or his office anyone demanding fees after
submitting applications for vacancies.
He said the management would deal with officers involved.

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