Hockey women’s team selection not the best


THE Papua New Guinea women’s hockey team is not the best that has been selected to represent the country at the Oceania Cup in Sydney in October.
The team selected is more based on self-interest to suit certain individuals who are from a club that is currently at the bottom of the table in the Port Moresby Hockey Association competition.
There are top players who are in form and have the experience and skills that should be in the team.
It is already a conflict of interest when the selection states a Kimbe player is selected, when she obviously plays in that same club in Port Moresby and is used as a dummy.
Papua New Guinea Hockey Association should not defend players who we all know are beginners of the synthetic turf.
Let’s be realistic and select the best team to do our country proud rather than send a team of tourists to see the Sydney Opera House.

Hockey Observer

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