We hope that people have choosen wisely


IT would seem that the country is at the cross roads on the crucial priorities that the country ought to take to address its current financial, social and developmental issues and redirect its current course to focus more on creating a sustainable and conducive environment that will lift it out of its current poor state of economic management.
At this critical time, it is very important that the people that are elected into government have very broad experience and technical expertise to analyse the current state of the economy and tailor the appropriate course of actions that will get the country back on tracks towards its deserved prosperity.
It calls for people with the credentials and proven track records of re-structuring successful rescuing economic packages, be it a private company or an institution.
Voting along family loyalty or tribal affinity over true representative credibility would not go far or be sustainable and is only a misplaced choice which in most cases only serves to corrupt the delivery of basic services to the majority of the leader’s constituents.
As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, so we should not be too hasty to copy other world economies at the expense of shackling the country with unmanageable bank loans and regressive development.
We just hope that people have chosen wisely, sensibly and correctly for the sake of the present generation and that of their children and grandchildren.


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