Hospital denies outbreak claims


Port Moresby General Hospital is very cautious of infections and has a full infection control team to monitor and control infections in the hospital, chief executive officer Dr Umesh Gupta says.
Gupta was responding to claims that there was a bacteria outbreak in the intensive care unit of the hospital.
“There is no outbreak in the ICU ward,” Gupta told The National.
“Just like any other day or any other month of the year, we have deaths in the ICU, and unfortunately are not able to save every single patient.
“Some bacteria are sensitive to antibiotics and some bacteria are resistant to antibiotics.
“There are some bacteria which are resistant to the antibiotics available in this country.”
Gupta said the ICU had an infection control nurse, infection control team and infection control committee.
“They keep track of all the infections happening in the hospital,” he said.
“We are very much concerned and we want to prevent any kind of infections happening here,” Gupta told The National.
He also said that the portable blood bank freezer donated to the hospital labour ward by Brian Bell Chemicals would be used starting next week.
He said blood bank staff had developed a standard operating procedure for using the freezer.

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