Hospital has improved, progressed greatly: Kaluvia


OUTGOING chief executive officer of the Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Kundiawa General Hospital Mathew Kaluvia says the hospital has improved tremendously under the public investment programme funding received from the Government.
Kaluvia said this at his exit presentation as the head of the hospital last week.
He said in June 2013, the Government through the Department of National Planning and Monitoring paid a first instalment of K5 million for hospital management and infrastructure redevelopment.
“The hospital board took ownership of the projects and management were given the task to implement according to the board’s infrastructure development schedule for the hospital,” he said.
“And since June of 2013 to date, the hospital was appropriated a total of K12 million for the projects.
“I want to say that, we have an honest and vibrant board and a good management team.
“We have delivered tremendously within this period to transform the hospital to become one of the best public health facilities in the country.”
He said 24 projects were identified and more than 90 per cent of the funds had been use to cater for that.
“Seventy per cent of the project were completed, 20 per cent are currently progressing with only 10 per cent of the projects yet to be established.
“Twelve projects completed include six doctors houses, new TB and medical records building, binding of storage and ware house, duplex nurses and sisters quarters, hospital perimeter fencing, on-call transit house, construction of administration office complex, construction of hospital bypass road, rehabilitation and upgrade of six wards, SMO’s office block, excavation of doctors compound and completion of multiple-drug resistant TB clinic.”
Kaluvia said those nearing completion included the extension of the X-ray wing, extension of pathology laboratory, construction of administration staff quarters, extension of physiotherapy and gymnasium and construction of underground water treatment plant.

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