Hospital lacks leadership


THE Daru General Hospital in Western was performing at district hospital level due to weak governance and leadership over the past decade, chief executive officer Orpah Tugo says.
Tugo said Daru General Hospital assumed the role of a level 5 health facility where it is expected to have 12 medical officers, five of whom should be specialists.
“Unfortunately, over several decades, despite its delineated role, the hospital was performing at level 4 delineated role (district hospital level),” Tugo said.
“Consequently, the local community has lost total confidence in the services provided at the door step and cross over to Australia to get medical attention and that has resulted in the multi-drug resistance and exclusively drug-resistant tuberculosis.
“Given the fact that PNG’s TB treatment regime protocols differed from Australia.”
Tugo said the hospital was recently bombarded with a serious plight of multi-drug resistant and exclusively drug resistant TB that has resulted in suffering and deaths.
She said this could have been prevented if the medical strength and resources were made available.
“Having recognised the gap the hospital has improved its organisational structure by creating additional specialist medical officer positions and was able to recruit five specialists,” Tugo said.
These were a surgeon, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, a paediatrician, a physician and a rural health medicine specialist.
“The remaining gap is the infrastructure expansion to have a unit for each discipline,” she said.
“Currently, we have a general ward with three bays allocated to each discipline (paediatrics, medicine and surgical) 10 beds each.
“The need is overwhelming as to satisfy the progress in active case finding towards the fight in ending TB in Western.”
She said the hospital would hold a corporate dinner in Port Moresby last Friday to secure funds to construct a makeshift transitional building for the administration functions so the existing building could accommodate clinical services.
“A shift and configuration with redesignation will be done with the existing building to make available for a 30-bed unit space to cater for the groowing number of patients.”

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