Hospital lacks staff, repairs


DARU General Hospital in Western is in dire need of maintenance and additional staff to provide improved health care to the province’s people, chief executive officer Orpah Tugo says.
“The hospital was built in 1963 and there has not been any rehabilitation to the buildings, all the staff houses are condemned, the hospital infrastructure is old and run down and it needs expansion. And it is not meeting the population growth,” Tugo said.
“It is does not meet its role as a level five health care facility. We only have 120 beds and since we have on board four specialist medical officers and obstetrics and gynaecology surgeon, rural health medicine (senior medical officer), plus internal medicine (physician).
“And there is only one ward allocated to cater for the three medical officers, and we need to have a unit for each core disciplines according to the requirements.”
She said most locals travelled out of the province in search of better health services.
“Most of our locals have crossed the border to go to look for places where their health needs can be met because Daru hospital is not providing due to the infrastructure and capacity,” she said.
“The fight against TB is continuing and we would try to keep the situation under control with our second phase approach in active household screening.”

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