Hospital: No injuries reported


NO election-related injuries have been  reported at the Port Moresby General Hospital emergency department so far, chief executive officer Dr Umesh Gupta says.
“We are having the usual trauma cases, injuries due to fighting, accidents and all those kinds of things – just the usual,” Gupta told The National.
Meanwhile, he said the hospital would build a TB pathology lab to ensure patients get quick results and are put on treatment.
“We have obtained the quotations for various construction companies and we will be finalising it based on the quotation, so hopefully in June we will start the construction and we are really looking forward to start the TB clinic and the TB pathology lab,” Gupta said.
“Our target is any patients diagnosed with TB treatment can start within four hours of coming into the hospital.”
He said the current location of the TB clinic in the hospital did not have enough natural ventilation for patients and staff and posed a health risk for non-TB patients.
Gupta said the hospital was discussing with the Chinese government to send some staff to work and train in a provincial hospital in China.

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