Hospital to purchase machines from Dubai


THE Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Kundiawa General Hospital (SJNMKGH) in Chimbu will be the second public hospital in the country, the first being Port Moresby General Hospital, to have a CT (Computed Tomography) scan and a MRI machine, an official says.
Acting chief executive officer Dr Harry Poka told The National yesterday that the board and management approved K3.1 million to purchase the two important pieces of equipment from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
“Improving medical services at the hospital to an international standard is something the board has taken seriously and earlier this year, we sent our Polish orthopaedics surgeon Dr Jan Jaworski and Egyptian Dr Gad Nasa to Dubai to negotiate for the equipment.
“This equipment is very expensive and costs around K12 million but we have successfully secured both a CT scan and a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine at a cost of K3.1 million from the Dubai Health Expo,” Poka said.
Poka said apart from the Pacific International Hospital, Port Moresby General Hospital was the only public hospital that had a CT scan.
“CT scan is very important because it uses X-rays to make detailed pictures of parts of the body.
“Doctors use CT scans to study areas of the body such as the brain, chest or belly and is also used to assist to check on the success of a procedure or surgery. An example of this is when a CT is used to guide a needle into the body.”

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