Hospital starts blood collection

Health Watch

THE Mt Hagen General Hospital has started a monthly blood collection campaign to maintain its stock level.
Acting chief executive officer Dr Paulus Ripa said: “There is always a blood shortage here in Mt Hagen because we have a high patient-load and no active blood collections from the public, including institutions. We have had to struggle using the strategy of asking donors who are relatives of patients.”
He said it was the reason they started the monthly blood collection campaign to have enough in stock in case of emergency cases.
“A monthly blood collection campaign particularly in view of possible election-related violence so that we have enough reserves at any one time,” Ripa said.
The campaign has been jointly led by the Kagul Koroka Foundation – named after a businessman in Western Highlands, the late Kagul Koroka who died in 2015.
His family started the foundation in his honour to assist the hospital in times of need.
Last month the Foundation and the Red Cross Society of Papua New Guinea assisted the hospital in a blood drive.
The public also benefited from getting free health tests on blood pressure, glucose level, HIV and sexually transmitted infections.
Foundation coordinator Lovinia Gavu said: “In 2016, the Foundation hosted the province’s first blood drive. We have managed since to host six blood donation events, collecting 384 bags for the hospital.
“Currently, the foundation is working with the Red Cross to build a stronger network that will enable us to host this event on a monthly basis, reaching out to other areas of the Highlands region.”

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