Hospital to have new X-ray machine

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday February 15th, 2016

 KIUNGA Hospital in Western will soon have a second X-ray machine, thanks to the Chinese business community in Kiunga. 

The X-ray machine will serve the patients in the wards. 

With only one machine, it had been difficult to move patients needing X-ray services from the wards to the X-ray room. 

New Century Investment Ltd managing director Allan Lin said the Chinese community had a strong connection with the people of Kiunga and Western as a whole.

“We have the heart for the people here and this donation of K125,500 is of life saving importance and the hospital greatly needs it, so when they asked we did not hesitate to help out,” Lin said.

He said that the Chinese were not only in Kiunga to do business, but to help where help was needed and to be part of the community.

“Money should not separate us. We are not here to make money only but live and work together with you. You are my brothers and sisters and I am your brother and sister and we hope to continue to work together with you,” Lin said.

OK Tedi Development Foundation chief executive officer Ian Middleton said the district and provincial governments should take ownership of the hospital and health services in the province.

“The district and province must understand the importance of Kiunga Hospital to the province. 

“Let’s take this generous donation as a starting point for a new beginning in cooperation and support,” Middleton said.

Middleton acknowledged the good work that the doctors and nurses did as well as the Kiunga hospital administrator Graeme Hill. 

“Graeme has gone out of his way to get the funding needed to change and upgrade this hospital and I thank him for his initiative,” Middleton said.

Kiunga Hospital’s emergency physician Julius Plinduo said there was a need for the hospital to be upgraded and called on the Government to take ownership of the hospital.

“This hospital has been built in the 1980s, and it needs to be upgraded.”