Hospitals, health posts to get supplies


MEDICAL supplies available in all medical stores will be issued to hospitals and health facilities throughout the country, Health Secretary Pascoe Kase says.
He said funding was not an issue and any shortage of drugs in the provinces and was manageable.
“The Department of Health works in close collaboration with relevant government agencies to ensure that health facilities receive funds adequate to maintain appropriate stock levels of medical supplies and provision of health services,” Kase said in a statement yesterday.
“Medical supply shortages are not directly attributed to the funding issues.
“They are also management issues within the health system.”
He added that five medical stores had been requested to submit lists of items in stock for procurement to the health facilities.
“Medicines should not be in short supply, especially for the 100 per cent medical kits for rural health facilities, as the kits procurement and distribution is still in progress of its final year,” Kase said.
He urged all chief executive officers of government hospitals, provincial health authorities, provincial health advisers and medical supply managers to work together to coordinate the distribution of medicines.
Kase also urged officers in charge of inventories and placing orders for medical drugs to be pro-active and place orders well in advance to avoid shortages.
“Medical supplies distribution is one of the minimum priority activities of the provinces and I urge all on the ground level to work together,” Kase said.
He said all procurement and distribution contracts had been processed through CSTB for renewals.

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