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HOSTING international teams and officials for the Fifa Under-20 women’s soccer World Cup has been a massive challenge for the new Stanley Hotel and Suites.
The adjoining RH Vision City Mega Mall has also joined in the World Cup party by catering for hundreds of visitors from all over the world.
Players wander freely through Vision City as excited fans surrounded them for pictures which are posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media.
Shops did a roaring trade in T-shirts and other paraphernalia.
Outside the mega mall, those who had done their shopping watch games live on a big screen.
The World Cup had indeed come to town.
The hotel, opened only last month, provided accommodating for four of the 16 teams, 70 referees, close to 100 Fifa personnel and local organising committee members.
It has been no mean feat, according to the hotel’s general-manager Geoff Haigh, as the curtain prepares to come down on an event which has showcased Papua New Guinea in a new light to the world.
“The Fifa U20 Women’s World Cup has been the most enjoyable and exciting experience to work through,” Haigh told The National.
“We have accommodated four teams, over 70 referees, close to 100 Fifa administration personnel plus a number of local organising committee members for the entire tournament.
“The hotel produced over 28,000 meals, cleaned 12,000 rooms and washed over 10 tonnes of laundry.
“The staff have loved every second of this, albeit they are very tired now, but no one wants this to end.
“The hotel will operate at 80 per cent for the month, which is a phenomenal feat for such a new hotel.
“There have been a few challenges along the way, but this has been a great test for the hotel and the staff.
“And I believe both have come through this in great shape.”
The bigger picture has been the portrayal of Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea to the world, and especially with Apec (Asia Pacific Economic Corporation) 2018 just around the corner.
“More importantly, this has been a great event for Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea,” Haigh said.
“Everyone involved should be proud to have produced such a world-class event here.
“We are all looking forward to the next event, and hope it will be as much fun and as successful as this has been.”

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