House ready for session

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PARLIAMENT House staff are preparing for the first meeting next Friday, and the official opening two weeks later, according to acting Clerk Kala Aufa.
He told The National yesterday that workmen were carrying out renovations around the building and a committee was working out a programme.
An induction programme is also being planned for the new MPs so that they are aware of parliamentary proceedings and conduct.
He said after the writs were returned, the outgoing MPs would have their final entitlements worked out.
An official opening programme for the 10th Parliament would be done two weeks after the first meeting.
“The first meeting is when we elect the Speaker and the Prime Minister,” Aufa said.
“Once the Prime Minister is elected, the House adjourns for two weeks, until we return for the official opening.”
He said the official opening would be a grand affair with a big programme planned for the day.

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