Houseowner shoots robber dead


A MAN, who was part of a gang that broke into a house in Lae last Saturday, was gunned down by the owner of the house, police say.
The incident happened between 3am and 4am at the Salamanda residential area at Ward Three.
Lae police superintendent of operations Insp Fred Kaiwa said seven to 10 men, who were armed, entered the house and were seen by the hausmeri who alerted the ex-patriate owner.
Kaiwa said the owner took out his licensed firearm and shot at the gang and killed one suspect and injured others.
“The gang fled. Some received pellet wounds,” Kaiwa said.
He said the body of the deceased was taken to the Angau Memorial Hospital morgue and was yet to be identified.
He said police were investigating the incident. “The people must be aware of criminals who are going around at odd hours breaking and entering people’s houses,” Kaiwa said.
“Police are everywhere so they have resorted to breaking and entering and vehicle tampering.”
Lae Met Supt Anthony Wagambie last week said that since the establishment of the sector response unit and the police hotline number, armed robbery cases have dropped but criminals have changed tactics as well. Wagambie said instead of armed robberies,  criminals are now into breaking and entering company premises and people’s homes.

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