Hunters’ performance shows they’re lacking a strong forward pack


RESULTS achieved by the SP Hunters since competition started indicate they have lost their form.
They accidentally won their game against Redcliff Dolphins last Sunday but got smashed two weeks ago by the North Devils for their first home game.
Over the last three seasons, Hunters have earned the respect and admiration of QRL with their style of play.
Most of their games are won at the back of a strong work in the middle play by the forwards.
Followers of Hunters have gotten used to the contributions of players in the likes of Brandy Peter, Adam Korave, Enoch Maki, and Timothy Lomai and off the bench flare by Benjamin Hetra’s leg drive and sneaky Warren Glare.
The new forwards recruited this year have still a long way to go.
So far the Wellington brothers, particularly Albert, earned their spots. The back line are talented and can do the usual Hunters magic if they have the forwards.
While I always respect Coach Marum’s instincts, his choice of forwards this season will make Hunters drop out of the finals.
Hunters is a national pride the government and private sector partners have invested so much into it.
While he and PNG NRL chairman Sandis Tsaka and their team are cultivating a strong sports and ethical culture, the ultimate outcome would be to have a good win by the boys.
Bring back some flare and stability in the forwards recalling Brandy Peter, Adam Korave, Timothy Lomai, Benjamin Hetra and Warren Glare to rescue the season and the support of the Hunters.

Wekilofo Digani

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