Husband murders wife


AN elementary school teacher was allegedlly chopped to death by her husband last Tuesday in the Mendi-Munihu district in Southern Highlands while their six-month-old baby clung to her chest.
The woman who had four other children, was a teacher in the Lai-Valley LLG.
She was killed when she defied her husband’s orders not to teach.
Before the incident, the suspect had repeatedly warned his wife not to go to school but she refused and this led to an argument.
Southern Highlands police commander Chief Supt Sibron Popoto told The National that the woman loved her job and was about to go to school when the suspect crept up behind her and attacked her.
He said the woman’s body was brought to Mendi police station the same day at 5.30pm and police identified five deep axe wounds; the first blow was believed to be on the neck, followed by others on her jaws and other parts of the body.
“I condemn this barbaric killing done by senseless and animal-minded people who do not have respect for other people’s lives,” he said.
“The suspect has fled to another village and gone into hiding but I know the relatives and community leaders will work together to hand over the suspect to the police.
“I am now prepared and will disperse task force unit in Mendi to investigate and crack down the suspect’s hiding place and apprehend him, the suspect must surrender to the police.”
Popoto said only animals did not reason out things and the suspect should have understood that his wife earned an income to support the family and should have supported her.
He said community leaders, and councillors in the Mendi-Munihu district must work together to put an end to such killings which had been unheard of for a long while.

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