ICCC to allow Puma lease on airport land


THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC)plans to allow Puma Energy PNG to lease a portion of land at the Jackson International Airport from the National Airports Corporation.
Puma Energy PNG (NGE) had applied to the ICCC for authorisation to enter into the lease agreement because its entrance to the airport would have some negative effects on competition in certain business areas of the supply of aviation fuel in the country.
Commissioner Paulus Ain said the current market structure in the supply chain of aviation fuel was that NGE and its associated companies were in two segments of the supply chain – mid-stream and downstream.
He said NGE was the only suppliers of aviation fuel in other airports in the country.
He said in the interest of introducing some level of completion at Jackson Airport, the ICCC had proposed to allow NGE to enter Jackson to provide aviation fuel.
But it will have to comply with some conditions set by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission.
“The conditions are aimed at achieving optimal competition at Jacksons and the aviation industry in Papua New Guinea and minimising the negative effects on consumers and also Jackson Airport,” Ain said.

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