Ila’ava thanks government for funding agriculture


A SENIOR public servant has thanked the Government for prioritising agriculture as its key economy driver.
Department of Agriculture and Livestock secretary Dr Vele Pat Ila’ava said: “The Government has finally got it right because in the last 30 years, we have been investing in mining and LNG,  but nothing was happening.
“I thank the Government for putting agriculture as the number one economic priority.”
Ila’ava said the Alotau Accord II drawn up by the Government coalition parties prioritised agriculture, tourism and infrastructure unlike the previous government which focused on education, health and infrastructure.
Agriculture and Livestock Minister Benny Allen said agriculture can generate K15 billion annually if adequately supported. Currently, it only gets K2 billion annually.
“If we put cocoa, copra and other commodities, we can create a heaven on paradise. But most important is to work together as a team,” Ila’ava said.

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