ILG clans get certificates


ACTING Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion recently presented incorporated land group (ILG) certificates to five clans in Kokopo, East New Britain and urged them to participate in the development of the province and country.
“I am urging the ILGs to work together with the Government, LLG and the mayor so that they can be recognised in service delivery. ILG is the answer is empowerment economically.”
He said the ILG certificates gave registered clans licenses to participate in development and were the way forward for the Government to empower them with resources through financing.
“With the ILG, clans can now participate in development and can benefit from government services as it is now recognised.”
In presenting the certificates, Sir Leo urged the clans to come up with business proposals and start making use of the opportunity given to them.
He said with the Government policy on public-private partnership, the registered clans would participate meaningfully and benefit either through leasing their land for development or creating business opportunities.
Sir Leo strongly discouraged the clans to use the ILGs as advantage to start selling their land rather than developing it.
“The certificates you receive are not for selling your land. It is for you to participate and take ownership of your land.”

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