Immigration taskforce probes foreigners’ work visas


A taskforce from the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority will be conducting an operation to ensure foreigners working in the country have proper documents and work visas.
Chief migration officer Mataio Rabura, in response to public concerns about the employment of foreigners working at Paga Hill, sanctioned a spot-check by the task force on site and other locations where foreigners were employed by China Harbour Ltd.
The operation led by the PNG Immigration officers and supported by police, checked on the company on Oct 1 without prior notice.
“A total of 89 foreigners working at Paga Hill and three other locations had their passports collected and checked,” Rabura said.
“The investigations revealed that their travel documents and employment visas were in order and lawful and thus, they were released.”
Rabura thanked the police for their professional support and commitment towards.
He clarified that any foreigner who entered the country to work were issued work permits by the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations. “The Department of Labour approves what positions these foreigners can occupy and not the Immigration Authority,” Rabura said.
“Therefore, any complaints about foreigners occupying positions that should be occupied by citizens should be directed to the Department of Labour and Industrial relations and not PNG Immigration.”

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