Immigrations Department receives many applications for dual citizenship


THE PNG Immigration Department has received a significant number of applications for dual citizenship, Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha says.
Kantha told The National that there were different pathways to dual citizenship, unlike the naturalised citizenship process in which four people were granted PNG citizenship recently.
“Dual citizenship process is similar to naturalised citizenship applications. When we receive the applications, we make assessments through a review process. We provide a report to the citizenship advisory committee and they make a recommendation to the minister,” Kantha said.
“So far the process is ongoing and we are hoping that before the polling period we can finalise that process for at least a first citizenship advisory committee meeting on some of those applications.”
In March PNG introduced dual citizenship launched by Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato.
Kantha said West Papuans and the naturalised citizenship applications were an ongoing process.
“This group (processed) is in Port Moresby, there are other groups in West Sepik, East Sepik, Manus and Lae and we will be going to those provinces also to conduct a similar ceremony.
“For West Papuans, it’s a different process, because they have been stateless for a number of years and some of them have been recognised as refugees.

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