Implement death penalty


Monday’s front-page story of a family being locked and set on fire in The National was a most barbaric and inhuman behaviour one could do.
As Enga PPC Kakas had reported the act that happened in Enga’s Kompiam-Ambum district, said it was against the Engan culture.
Yes, he was right and Engans have never locked and set on fire a family or tribal enemy and even never abused mothers and children during tribal conflicts.
This is the rule of the unwritten law that constitutes tribal fighting in Enga for so many years and is still observed today.
However, Monday’s story may have shocked many Engans as well as other Papua New Guineans.
With the increasing crime and the unusual acts in the country, the government should look to implement death penalty.
Implementing the death penalty could be the deterring aspect that
may decrease the crime rate in the country.
It’s time the MPs and the public support the death penalty.
We cannot compromise.

Waimin Tsak,
Wabag, Enga

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