Imported drugs a concern


A LOT of veterinary drugs are being used in the country but there is no proper data system to monitor usage, chief veterinary officer Dr Gibasa Asiba says.
The National Agriculture Quarantine Inspections Authority (Naqia) officer told a stakeholders’ workshop on anti-microbial resistance in Port Moresby last week that World Health Organisation indicated that 70 per cent of drugs coming into the country were used for animals and 30 per cent for humans.
“The concern mainly with drugs as mentioned, there is a lot of veterinary drugs being used in the country,” Asiba said.
“The only unfortunate thing is that it’s not monitored and there has been no research done so far on issues whether there are in a registered form and who is using it.
“There is no such data available and I can say that for sure. I have been in that profession for almost 30 years.
“What I’m going to say is that the present situation with the veterinary medicines is that they are monitored under the Medicine and Cosmetics Act while Naqia only monitors the animal vaccines under the Naqia Act.”
Asiba said they appointed an officer from the World Organisation for Animal Health to do a template for national surveillance on vet drugs and they recently started doing basic surveillance by collecting data from pharmacies and users.
“Some consultations with livestock section and national policy to bring the vet drugs under monitoring have been done. One of our colleagues who came here with us was involved in the consultation process,” he said.
“Naqia likes to bring vet products under legislation and if it comes under the legislation, that vet products will be monitored.”

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