Improve customer care service at Nasfund Boroko


NASFUND Boroko should improve customer care and service in these three areas.
First is the overcrowding and long queues and two hours one has to be on foot waiting to be served. The solution is simple.
Take a five minutes walk to BSP Boroko and see how comfortable and relaxed their customers are and make the necessary improvements.
Second is the turnaround time for payouts.
It takes months on end for Nasfund to pay its parting members, if they will ever be paid.
Third is member communication.
Nasfund must give updates via telephone and email on the status of members’ withdrawal applications.
I am one of many contributors who are affected. If given a choice, I would go elsewhere to save where members’ services are better. By the end of September it will be my 11th month of waiting to be paid my savings withdrawal.
I’m building my house and am already borrowing money, something I hate doing.

-Very frustrated, via email

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