Incomplete work frustrates judge


A JUDGE has warned lawyers to stop wasting the court’s time and prepare their cases on time.
Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika expressed his frustration while presiding over a case involving the former Department of Lands and Physical Planning secretary Romilly Kila Pat and two others on Monday facing fraud-related charges.
He expressed frustration over lawyers not completing their work on time before trial.
He told lawyers representing Kila Pat, Vavine Walo and Simeon Andrew to take heed and avoid wasting the court’s time.
He told them to file in their statements before the trial starts.
The court is expected to set a trial date for Kila Pat and the two who have been charged with conspiring to misappropriate more than K200,000 on July 20 to stand trial in the national court.
It was alleged that on Sept 15 last year, Kila Pat, Andrew and Walo conspired to misappropriate K208,569.70 belonging to the Department of Lands.
Police alleged that Andrew, who was the Lands corporate services director, raised a requisition on Sept 14 which was approved and signed by Kila Pat.
A cheque for K208,569.70 was allegedly raised from the Land Administration Reform Trust Account before it was endorsed and signed by Kila Pat and Walo, the department’s finance manager.
The cheque was paid to Bola Motors and withdrawn on Sept 17 last year.
The matter will return on Sept 26 for the court to decide on a trial date.

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