Infrastructure needs development to back economy: Palma


TRANSPORT infrastructure needs to be developed to support the economy, Kerowagi MP Bari Palma says.
One example, Palma said, was the Kerowagi airstrip which was established in 1935 by a German Lutheran Missionary.
He said the airstrip was critical to transport infrastructure development as roads, bridges and jetties and must be reopened to boost the economy in Kerowagi.
It is on State land and is easy to operate.
“The spin-off benefits will be great for Kerowagi people. Once the airport is open, you will see a rise in tourist movement, increase in agricultural commodities exchange and charter service for mines,” Palma said.
The airport he said could cater for regular flights, charter flights, transportation of buai, newspapers, coffee, medical and education supplies.
Palma said it would be ideal for the freight of goods and services into the coastal areas of East Sepik, West Sepik, Madang, Gulf, Western and Morobe.
Palma believes that the airport will be a catalyst to the development of Kerowagi town.
“I know it will cost us a lot of money but we must take the first step to bring development into our community,” he said. The Kerowagi District Development Authority has consulted Outback Aviation, a Chimbu aviation company, to advise on the redevelopment of the runway and other facility.

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