Inmate fights case, no lawyer


THE Supreme Court has urged a prisoner to understand the concept of a slip rule application and address it in his submission for the court to deliberate on.
Justice Stephen Kassman told former director of the Office of Climate Change Dr Theo Yasause that slip rule application was not for parties to reargue the matter but to assist the court to identify the slip (mistake) the court has made in its judgment in the appeal.
Yasause appeared before the Supreme Court yesterday from the Bomana prison for directions hearing, representing himself.
He was convicted on Oct 22, 2012 for murdering national rugby league legend Aquilla Emil in Port Moresby on Feb 4, 2011.
The Waigani National Court sentenced him to 20 years jail with hard labour on Nov 29, 2012.
Yasause appealed the national court decision but the Supreme Court, comprising a three-man bench, dismissed the appeal on June 9 (this year) because the grounds raised by Yasause had no merits.
Yasause filed a slip rule application on June 14 for the same court to review its decision.
The slip rule application is expected to be heard on Oct 20 before the same bench that dealt with the appeal.
The bench comprised Justice Sir Bernard Sakora, Justice Allan David and Justice Stephen Kassman.
Justice Kassman told Yasause yesterday to seek legal advice on a slip rule application to assist him in his submissions.
Kassman said the matter was listed under the fast-track list and it must be dealt with quickly to bring it to its finality. He urged parties to come prepared to deal with the leave application first, and if leave is granted, parties will proceed with the slip rule application.
Parties will return on Oct 17 to formalise necessary documents before the hearing on Oct 20.
Kassman told State lawyer Joe Apo to advise Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin to prosecute the matter.

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