Inmates behaviour impresses prison official


THE music may have faded but their good behaviour, commitment and trust have to continue if they want forgiveness
Bomana prison commanding officer Superintendent Haraha Keko said he was impressed with the behaviour of inmates, males and females, who were involved in a two-weeks song recording contest at the CHM Super Sound Studio.
“The recording ended last Friday.
“I am pleased with their overall behaviour inside and outside the studios and I can’t wait to hear their songs,” Keko said.
“But they’ve got to maintain that behaviour at all times.”
Keko said as part of the Correctional Services processes, inmates, especially those serving long sentences, are appraised based on their behaviour and performances whether inside or outside prison.
“We take into account every move they make and appraise each individual accordingly. This will help us to monitor and identify those who are serious about changing their lives. As a result, they can be granted early release depending on the parole board decision,”he said.
“Engaging them in activities are some ways we try to test their commitment.
“We will identify if they are putting on a front.
“That will help us to re-examine the person or persons concerned for future activities.
“All in all, I am pleased with their behaviour and musical performances during the recording sessions.”
Bomana CS, CHM and other partners combined their efforts to utilise hidden talents among inmates whose songs are to be used for awareness campaigns.

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