Institute, dept to draft Atomic Act


A TEAM from the National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology Nisit is working with Health Department officials and State lawyers to formulate the Atomic Act 2016.
It is in its draft stage and once passed in Parliament will manage nuclear radio activity and housed at the Nisit.
Nisit’s director-general Victor Gabi said the proposed legislation was for the benefit and wellbeing of those who work around nuclear radiation sources.
It is also for the security and safety of Papua New Guineans.
Gabi said while radioactive sources were harmful to humans, their applications were vast and varied from exploration applications in robust environments like mining to medical treatment such as for cancer at the Angau General Hospital.
“The use of nuclear radioactive sources in the country will only grow as the country industrialises,” Gabi said.
“All these sources and their applications need to be handled under strict standard conditions and controls.
“This can only be done through maintaining proper data through IAEA sanctioned database systems, proper licensing procedures and inspection activities by the Nisit.”

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