Institute wants uniform assessment of engineers


THERE is need to have a uniform assessment of engineers in the country to enable greater productivity in the extractive sector, according to the PNG Institute of Engineers.
Institute board member Benjamin Moaitz said they would be rolling out the competency-based assessment (CBA) system to assess professional engineers and technicians before registering them with the professional engineers registration board. Moaitz said the packaged assessment format departed from the traditional way of assessing engineers and other professionals through their resume and qualifications.
“The assessment format before an engineer or technician is registered will undergo a set of criteria to establish the applicant’s strength against no less than 12 sets of competencies,” he said.
“This is a rigorous assessment format and one designed for the mining industry.
“Our vision is to compile an overall competency-based assessment that covers all aspects of the different mine sites in PNG and also addresses the different stages of mining.
“Exploration, development and the feasibility design phase, construction and engineering and mining operations: open cut pit, underground and seabed (hopefully endorsed in the near future).
“All engineers – nationals and expats in Papua New Guinea – our valued members should contact the IEPNG office to learn more about the CBA that will be rolled out in the near future.”

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