Institutions urged to coexist


A PUBLIC servant says tertiary staff and students should learn to live as a community and communicate with each other, especially during a crisis.
George Bopi, the Chief of Staff at the Prime Minister’s Officers, attended the welcome ceremony for the University of Natural Resources and Environment’s (UNRE) new Vice-Chancellor Professor John Warren at the Vudal Campus in East New Britain last Tuesday.
“When there are differences among staff and students, they do not know how to communicate with each other, forcing outsiders to intervene,” he said.
“This is an experience I have learnt from and I do not want UNRE to go through it.
“(You must) live as a community.”
Bopi advised staff and lecturers in tertiary institutions to treat students as their clients. “The traditional notion of he who has the knowledge has the power belongs to the 1970s and 1980s,” he said.
“Clients in institutions are people who have the potential and knowledge, and our approach to them must be based on mutual respect.”
Bopi said it was also vital for students to see their lecturers and administration staff as “partners”.
“When you take this approach, you will begin to respect each other and you will build a relationship that can improve communication under all circumstances,” he said.

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