Integrity of ballistic officers questioned


POLICE are questioning the quality of work carried out by their ballistic officers during the investigation of killings.
It follows concerns raised by the relatives of a man allegedly shot dead by police during a car chase in Port Moresby last November.
Nathan Rema, the elder brother of the late Nelson Rema who was shot in North Waigani, said the family was disappointed with the ballistic evidence which failed to identify the police officers who fired the shots.
Detective Sergeant Anthony Hukembari led the investigation.
The investigation report was handed to National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi on Sept 22.
Turi forwarded the file to the police officer in charge of prosecution to be filed in a coroner’s court.
But the family said based on the investigation report, the evidence was negative.
“We decided that the case must be re-investigated,” Rema said.
Turi said the family had the right to a second opinion and that they could seek advice for the case to be re-investigated.
“We do not trust our ballistic officers as we are starting to also question their investigation,” Turi said.
He said this was not the only case but a number of other cases like the Tatana and Hanuabada shooting had also faced a similar situation.
“I am now questioning our ballistic officers whether they were honest with their work or not,” he said.

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