Internal security at high risk


PAPUA New Guinea’s internal security is posing a serious threat to the wellbeing of our people.
The smuggling of highpowered weapons to rural communities is on the rise.
The Defence and Police forces are equally blamed for facilitating the movement as well as trafficking the arsenal contents.
The Government does not have strategic security plan or have the capacity to mitigate all forms of security threats posed by hostility of many people still living with vicious mentalities.
The role of the Defence Force is limited to providing security on the international border with Indonesia while the Police Force cannot effectively control the increasing law and order problems, especially in the Highlands region.
Last year in a related case, large parts of PNG suffered the impacts of natural catastrophe which brought about devastation to food and water resources.
Thankfully, the United Nations Food Program stepped up with relief supplies as part of its humanitarian efforts to eradicate poverty in the Third World nations.
Enga, Southern Highlands and Chimbu provinces were among the happy recipients of the UN’s gesture.
PNG is one of the member countries of the UN and is safeguarded under its umbrella protection against all forms of potential threats.
The UN can advise or work collaboratively with the Defence Force to improve PNG’s internal security.

Tony S Yakina

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