Interpret police commissioner’s powers, Kua says


SINASINA-Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua has called on Police Minister Robert Atiyafa, Attorney General Ano Pala and the Ombudsman Commission to file a reference for the Supreme Court to interpret the police commissioner’s administrative powers.
Kua said through the reference, the court would interpret the commissioner’s powers under the constitution, including whether the commissioner could use those powers to give preferential treatment to one class of citizens, like politicians.
“I also challenge the Ombudsman Commission to look into this issue and give advice and directions to the police commissioner if his current conduct is found to be discriminatory and unconstitutional,” Kua said in a statement yesterday.
Kua said serious questions needed to be answered on whether there were two laws, one for politicians and one for normal citizens.
He said one such question was whether the police commissioner was going too far in using administrative powers to a point where it was suppressing the exercise of normal police powers in a preferential manner, discriminating against ordinary citizens. Kua said while the commissioner had wide powers of superintendence, efficient organisation and control, the powers could not be used in a preferential or discriminatory manner.
“Major corruption begins in very high places, and if those in high places are intentionally protected from prosecution, there is no hope for a correction,” Kua said.

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