Investors keen to develop hydro power project


THREE overseas investors are interested in developing the Mongi hydro power project in Pindiu, Finschhafen, Morobe, estimated to cost K1.2 billion, according to Mongi Resource Owners Association chairman Wamung Pangu Waliong.
He said the association was executing its plans and had met the investors.
The pre-feasibility study report was prepared by the Appropriate Technology Community Development Initiative of the University of Technology.
The project will be located at the headwaters of Mongi River, especially the Misara, Kongkengbang and Tehu streams.
The hydro-power project is expected to produce 97 megawatts.
The investors have access to the prefeasibility study report funded by the Morobe provincial government for K130,000 and conducted in 2014.
Waliong said despite the impacts and benefits of the project to locals, the district, province and Government coffers, no attempt has been made to upgrade the road from Lae to the project site.
“Mongi is a long-term impact project that will generate benefits for locals, the government and companies in Lae,” he said.
Waliong called on Morobe Governor Kelly Naru,(pictured) acting provincial administrator Sheila Harou, Finschhafen MP Theodore Zurenuoc and Minister for Works and Infrastructure Francis Awesa to build an all-weather road from Lae to the construction site.
He said the road would provide access to thousands of farmers.

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