IPA certificate empowers landowners’ association


SETTLERS at Tenth City in Lae are celebrating the Investment Promotion Authority certificate given to their landowners association.
The Nabak Kawa Landowners and Resource Association Inc has for the past 23 years tried to address some issues with its members but did not have the capacity to do so.
Association chairman Sawa Wasop said the Nabak people of Nawaeb district had been helpless but with the registration of their association, they would now move forward with confidence.
Wasop is inviting all the Nabak people to join the organisation and address the many land issues facing them.
“We have faced many challenges and criticisms from others. Our ancestors have felt much pain trying to protect our land and its resources,” he said
IPA Administration Officer Max Tungui told the members to move forward together.
He said the certificate meant that the people could protect their resources and speak with one voice.

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