Ipatas: Recount result to return to court


THE result on the recounting of votes for the Kandep seat in Enga will be taken back to the court which ordered it, Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas says.
The Supreme Court last month ordered the recounting of votes in the five ballot boxes within 30 days. The five boxes rejected were from the polling stations at Lungutenges No One, Kombros No One, Kambia No One, Maru and Imipiaka in Kandep.
The court also ordered that Opposition Leader Don Polye remain a Member of Parliament pending the recounting of the votes.
Sir Peter urged people from Enga not to take sides.
“There is a speculation on the ground that people like myself as Governor have the authority to call for the recount. That is absolutely nonsense,” he said.
“The recount is a decision by the court. It has got nothing to do with me. This recount is just an exercise. The results will go to court. There will be no declaration in Wabag. Don Polye is still the member for Kandep. This is a recount, not an election.”
He said he had asked the Government to help in funding the reconstruction of a classroom recently burnt down by people protesting the recount exercise.

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