Isapea continue to make strides with Gulf leagues


The Gulf Isapea franchise as a provincial flagship and a partner with the local leagues in the province.
Isapea chairman Jacob Ivaroa said as partners they had a responsibility providing talent from the province an opportunity to develop and achieve their potential.
He said this was not just for players but in terms of competition and club management as well as the technical areas such as refereeing.
“While we don’t give funds to the four leagues in the province we will support them in kind with development programmes,” Ivaroa said.
“The professional approach that the Isapea management has taken has given 10 local talents who have gone on to play for the franchise this season and that is what we want to continue doing which is giving them a chance to play in the semi-professional Digicel Cup competition.
“We are committed to seeing the standard of rugby league in the competitions in Kerema Urban, Kerema Central, Malalaua and Iokea lift.
“These local 10 players that were signed up bythe Isapea have set the bench mark and they will continue their development as players and elite athletes.
Ivaroa said their 2016 success was based on a commitment, decidation and discipline, traits which the management had tragetted to be upheld in the club at all times.

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