Isapea ready to work with MPs


GULF Isapea chairman Jacob Ivaroa congratulated the three newly-elected Gulf MPs and vowed to work with them to develop rugby league in the province.
Ivaroa, on behalf of his board and management and the rugby league fraternity in Gulf congratulated MPs-elect Chris Hiaveta (Gulf regional), Soroi Eoe (Kikori) and Richard Mendani (Kerema).
Ivaroa declared his commitment to working with the new provincial government under Haiveta’s leadership for the interest of the sport.
“We stand prepared to work with the new elected leaders to develop the sport further in the province,” Ivaroa said.
Currently Gulf Isapea have programmes right throughout the province and in Port Moresby and it hopes to develop these further.
“We have plans in place to develop the game in Kotidanga and Kaintiba due to immense interest from young men of the area shown to me while I was on election duty there,” Ivaroa, who is a police officer, said.
“Now we (Isapea) have great interest spreading right across the coast of Gulf of Papua from Sepeo to Kikori.”
In the previous years, Ivaroa said the Isapea had enjoyed great support from the provincial government led by former Governor Havila Kavo, for the rugby league franchise and the game as a whole. He said the club had not enjoyed much support from the provinces other MPs but he hoped that would change in the new term of parliament.
Ivaroa said the sport had expanded to Ihu, Baimuru and Kikori and the Isapea hoped to secure support from local MP Eoe.
“We stand prepared to work with the new governor and continue our programme.
“Rugby league is an important impact sport that assists to address many social issues and we hope to continue the programmes under the new Gulf provincial government under the leadership of Governor Haiveta”.

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