Isoaimo wins seat, wants electorate to split

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NATIONAL Alliance candidate and sitting MP Peter Isoaimo has been declared the member-elect for Kairuku-Hiri in Central.
Isoaimo, in his speech to his supporters at the counting centre at Bomana Correctional Services Institute outside Port Moresby yesterday afternoon, said his main priority was to make sure the district was divided to allow equal distribution of goods and services.  “I have prepared the work both administratively and politically to make sure the electorate gets two MPs for equal distribution of services,” Isoaimo said.
“In terms of service delivery, I had problems in the last two years in parliament.
“Therefore, I want a split in the Kairuku-Hiri.”
He said one of his other priorities in the next term of Parliament would be to make sure all the road network in the district were built for services to be delivered to the rural people.
“In this term of Parliament, we are going to manage and bring services to our people in a more manageable way,” he said.
“Because we want to make sure our public servants live in the villages to serve our people; this term. We are going to make sure we improve and develop the Hiritano Highway.”

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