Jailed after failing to pay


THE Waigani National Court jailed a Western Highlands businessman yesterday for three years for failing to pay more than K67,000 as restitution to another man.
Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika ordered that Tom Rangip serve his three years jail term from yesterday and that the sentence would be suspended once the payment was made to a gold buyer.
Sir Gibbs ruled that the order of the court given on Feb 29 for restitution within six months, had lapsed on Sept 1 and that Rangip had not made any form of payment to Robert Augustine, who is a gold buyer.
Rangips’ sentence was suspended on Feb 29 because he had requested the court to give him six months to repay Augustine K67,071.40
Sir Gibbs said when reinstating the jail term that the only thing remained for the court to do was to send Rangip to jail so that his associates might quicken the payments.
Rangip, 58, from Waknam village, Mul-Baiyer in Western Highlands, was found guilty of obtaining goods by false pretence in 2013 in Port Moresby under a business deal.
The court found he promised to pay Augustine K85,071.40 in exchange for 500.42 grams of gold but only paid K16,000 on March 19, 2013.

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