Jimi stuck with last frontier title, MP says


JIMI MP Mai Dop says district continues to remain the “last frontier” of Jiwaka, a title carried over since its days under Western Highlands.
He made the comment in front of his people last Thursday at Konzka Primary School, expressing disappointment that Jimi did not receive any support from the Jiwaka government in terms of development.
“I must make it clear that Jimi has not received any helping hand from the provincial government since we became a separate province,” Dop said.
“We have always been neglected by Western Highlands. We were the least developed electorate that time.
“We thought that we would change after Jiwaka became a province. But we never changed. We remained the same (still least developed.) We are still the last frontier of Jiwaka.”
Dop said he was disappointed that the provincial government had not assisted in infrastructure developments like roads, bridges, schools or hospitals.
He pointed that Jimi was the most difficult and largest electorate in Jiwaka with poor road systems.
“Why I am pointing this out is because since I became MP four years ago, we’ve done a lot of rehabilitation work on our roads,” he said.

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