Jiwaka governor back at work


JIWAKA Governor Dr William Tongamp did not waste time in Port Moresby but returned to the province after the formation of the new government to see to the affairs of the province.
The Jiwaka governor, who retained his seat for a second term, told The National yesterday that he was at his office in Kurumul.
“After we voted for the speaker and prime minister, there’s no need to hang around in Waigani,” he said.
“I headed straight home because there was a lot of things that we needed to do. As leaders, we must not run away from our people when elected.
“We had so many reasons, there is no need to hang out there (Port Moresby) and wait for the budget.
“As a new province, we must continue from where we left off.”
One of the first things he dealt  with was to address the law-and-order problems related to the elections.
Tongamp said he was meeting the police and law-and-order officials and leaders in the province to look at some of the incidences, including violence, that stemmed from the election.
The next thing he did was to organise public servants who were scattered as a result of the election.
He wants them back at work.
“The system of the government and country is running so we cannot wait and give excuses but move with the system,” Tongamp said.
He and Jimi MP Jimi Goi are  expected to meet the public servants today at the headquarters in Kurumul.
Tongamp said there were ongoing projects which stopped because of the elections but now that he has retained his seat , the projects must continue.
“As a new province, we have a lot of catch-up work to do. Elections are over so we must now work together and leave aside our differences,” Tongamp said.
“I will stay the whole five years of this term in the province like what I did in the last five years.”

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