Jiwaka will host coffee forum, Dambui says


JIWAKA will host a coffee forum next year, says Coffee Industry Corporation chief executive Charles Dambui.
The announcement came as two farmers groups in North and South Waghi were acknowledged for their success in the national coffee cupping competition held in Lae last month.
“This is an opportunity for all Jiwaka people to stand together. We will host the first coffee forum in Jiwaka to discuss how to revive coffee here,” Dambui said.
The groups included the Kosem/PPAP of North Waghi and Kosem/PPAP of South Waghi, the co- partners of Kosem Coffee Ltd.
“The groups are also the first in the highlands and Jiwaka province to export their coffee directly overseas fulfilling CIC’s tree-to-cup policy under group marketing,” he said.
Dambui and PPAP industry coordination committee chairman Ian Mopafi witnessed a container of 120 bags green bean coffee for export to South Korea.
General manager of CIC’s research, growers and service division Dr Mark Kenny urged farmers to work their land to improve their livelihood.
“We abandon our coffee gardens and go looking for politicians to give us money while money is right here at our doorsteps,” he said.

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