Jiwaka women take bold stand to address social issues


THE Jiwaka Women’s Forum says that pressing issues affecting women and girls can be addressed better through partnership with key stakeholders and the government.
These issues were presented as statements by the women from the six local-level governments at the end of the forum on Friday.
Women representative and Voice For Change Jiwaka director Lilly BeSoer, while outlining the forum’s statements, called for unity to build and move Jiwaka forward.
She said for development, peace and prosperity to prosper in Jiwaka, all forms of discrimination against women and girls must stop.
“All forms of violence against women and girls including wife beating, sexual violence, incest and child abuse must end,” BeSoer said.
“We call for a stop to all torture, maiming and murder of innocent women and men accused of sorcery in our communities.”
The women demanded Jiwaka leaders, including the governor and three MPs, to commit to zero-tolerance to violence in homes, public spaces and in tribal groups.
They also want the government to include funding for measures to address sorcery-related violence against women, production and consumption of marijuana, the bride price culture, polygamy, poor state of markets for women and the widespread operation of liquor outlets.
Administrator Michael Wandil received the statements on behalf of Governor Dr William Tongamp.
The chief executives of the three districts received copies of the forum’s recommendations.
Wandil applauded the women leaders and Voice For Change Jiwaka and the international donor organisations for supporting the women in Jiwaka.
“Our women leaders have good ideas to contribute to the development of the province,” he said.
“Most times women’s ideas and visions are short-lived and do not materialise into creative innovations.
“We have a lot of challenges but we must all work together with positive mindsets to see results.”

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