Joint project biggest in 74 years, says Davis


AUSTRALIAN High Commissioner Bruce Davis told Northern people that construction of four bridges in the province was the biggest joint-development project between the countries in the last 74 years.
Speaking at the opening of the Kumusi Bridge on Wednesday, Davis said the project signified a deep and abiding respect and in many ways a strong sense of neighbourhood.
“It is the largest infrastructure project that Australia has undertaken in PNG,” he said. “We walked 285 metres, we had 285 metres of singsing so I can get it down to the last metre how much singing Northern province can provide for a wonderful occasion like this.
“We need to talk about close partnership to work within the priorities that PNG, the people and the government have already identified.
“This is once again a very good example of that.
“It’s a fitting time for us to remember that as we also celebrate something new.
“It has been a very long project, partnership may have developed in terrible times around a war but partnerships have developed so much since then in so many different ways.
“From the time of the cyclones, we look at ways in which we could come back jointly to make the road links in the province good again.
“Being able to have these bridges to now link so much of the main road system through to the coast, is a great step forward and one that we are proud of.
“This bridge and others do represent a very important set of development benefits. I hope we can continue to look at this not just as a piece of infrastructure but as an important ingredient in the longer term development of Northern,” Davis said.
Canstruct founder Robin Murphy said 250 people had worked on the project over the last two years.

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