Journos injured in attack on highway


TWO journalists and an official of the Goilala district administration travelling back to Port Moresby with MP William Samb last Thursday were injured when they were attacked on the road.
Acting Central police commander Inspector Andrew Tovere said Clifford Faiparik from The National was injured on the elbow and stomach, National Broadcasting Corporation’s Jason Wiru was hit on the fingers, and Goilala district chief executive officer Titus Girau also got cuts to his body.
The incident happened at Vanapa along the Hiritano Highway in the Kairuku-Hiri electorate.
Tovere said they were returning to Port Moresby with Samb when a drunkard hit the vehicle with a knife which almost injured Samb.
“The MP stopped the car to enquire. But the people attacked them with bush knives and slashed Wuri, Faiparik and Girau,” he said.
Tovere said they escaped when Samb drove through a road block hastily set up by the thugs.
“They were able to drive through the road block while being stoned,” he said.
“They drove straight to the hospital in Port Moresby to receive medical treatment.
“Wuri is still at the hospital while Faiparik and Girau have been discharged.”
Police are investigating the incident. But Tovere could not confirm whether police later burnt down six houses and destroyed food gardens and livestock at Vanapa belonging to the men allegedly involved in the attack.
Samb and his three companions had travelled to Goilala by helicopter but returned by road.

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