Judge raises concern over dismissed cases


A JUDGE is concerned about the number of cases which have to be dismissed because of the lack of evidence submitted by State prosecutors.
Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika acquitted a woman facing fraud-related charges because “the State has failed miserably in the prosecution and investigation of this matter”.
Anna Nawara’s lawyer presented a no-case-to-answer submission before the court saying there was no evidence to prove the charges.
It was alleged that on May 12, 2007, Nawara forged documents for the sale of a property in Boroko, Section 47, Lot 17 in the National Capital District.
The court heard that National Housing Corporation had claimed that the property belonged to them.
The court found that in a previous civil proceeding relating to the same matter, before a National Court, Nawara was awarded the title of the property.
“She cannot be charged with misappropriation because as per the civil ruling she has the title,” Sir Gibbs said.
“Evidence in this matter has not been properly collected to run a good trial.”

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