Judges, magistrates urged to deal with cases promptly


JUDGES and magistrates have been challenged to deal with cases promptly because delays or adjournments were creating backlogs.
Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia said this during the court users and exhibition forum organised by the Judicial Services. He said in some cases, judges and magistrates tended to adjourn cases on the grounds that were not really excusable.
He told Lae-based judges and magistrates that they must spend most of their time in the court room. “Get your facts right. The only time a case may be adjourned is when the accused is not present on grounds of his/her health or that it is so complicated that it needs more time to compile enough evidences,” Sir Salamo said.
“More time spent in the court room means more cases are covered in a given time.
“We must make sure that when the case is set for hearing, it is to be followed through until a decision is reached.”
Sir Salamo suggested that adjournments of cases must be minimised or be eliminated altogether.
He said this would reduce the backlog of cases and improve the efficiency of the judicial service to the public.

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